Speedy Password

Protect all your passwords with a single master password


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Speedy Password is a tool for Chrome users to protect their accounts and passwords from third parties. This extension for the Google browser creates a powerful master password to protect all your other passwords to social networks or other websites you access frequently.

Once you add this utility to your browser, you just have to indicate the basic values used to generate your master password. You can choose if you want it to contain only upper- or lower-case letters, numbers, or symbols, or exclude ambiguous characters, and also how long you want it to be, so no one can hack your accounts or change your login information. Create a master password that's as complex and long as needed in a matter of seconds.

When your master password is generated according to the security level you requested, you can start using it on any website or profile you want. As long as this application is open, you won't have to remember it, as the extension will do it for you. The main advantage of Speedy Password is that it has 256-bit AES encryption, so not even the application can share your password.

Speedy Password also offers direct access to all the news that might be interesting to you so you can stay informed without accessing your social networks. From your activity page you can access the content of the most important media as well as your Facebook and Twitter account feeds to see what your friends post.
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